Forensic Case Manager (FCM) Intern – Stipend Included

Assists with case management of forensic cases and clinical and legal research.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

  • The FCM assists with contacting clients (attorneys) and potential clients to collect vital information for their cases and arranges for the interview and evaluation of the defendants.
  • The FCM compiles and organizes defendant charts and digital files, including obtaining and organizing records and court orders for the forensic psychologists.
  • The FCM performs clinical and legal research including statutory and case law.
  • The FCM may perform a number of other similar or related duties which may not be specifically included within this position description, but which are consistent with the general level of the job and the responsibilities described.
  • Complete (2) blog articles per month on a clinical and forensic topic.

Knowledge & Skills

  • Basic principles, concepts, and methodology of legal criminal proceedings and legal research.
  • Amazing writing skills. Bonus if you are aware of the Principles of Legal Writing.
  • Problem identification, analysis, and evaluation.
  • Computer information systems knowledge, including personal computer applications (we use Microsoft office products), work processing, and spreadsheets.

Elements / Ability To

  • Communicate clearly and effectively in person and in writing.
  • Digital dexterity to assemble, retrieve and organize files.
  • Communicate clearly by telephone and internet conferencing software.
  • Speak clearly and articulate messages.
  • Organize workflow and problem solve.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school diploma and enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program (preferably a psychology or pre-law major).
  • Accomplished computer keyboarding skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, TEAMS, etc.).
  • Headshot for the website or ability to obtain a headshot by the start date. If you are local to the Southern California area, you can use our photographer in Ontario.


  • $1000 (minus taxes) per semester (Spring, Fall, Summer).
  • One Paid Professional Conference Admission.
  • Ability to attend group supervision with pre-and-post doctoral psychology students.


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