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Forensic and Neuropsychological Evaluations for Adolescents and Adults

What Makes Us Different?

How We Help Attorneys

We provide detailed forensic evaluations to help you craft legal arguments, analyze cases and expert reports, and gain additional insight into your clients’ behavior and mental status.

  • We have been appointed to over 500 juvenile cases in Los Angeles County.
  • We are able to provide expert testimony in the areas of emotional distress and neurodevelopmental disorders.

How We Help Parents

We provide parents with a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s cognitive, academic, and psychological strengths and weaknesses. In turn, this can help you gain understanding of how your child learns best and can assist you with managing behavioral, cognitive, or mental health problems more effectively.

  • We can help you understand your child who has behavior or thinking problems.
  • We have devoted our careers to forensic and neuropsychological assessment.

Meet The Team

Practice Areas

Vienna Psychological Group collaborates with clients across multiple facets of forensic evaluation services. We provide detailed assessments used in legal proceedings and case development for both criminal and civil issues affecting adults and juveniles. We also conduct screenings for employment in public safety to determine if a candidate is a suitable fit for the psychological demands of the position. In addition, we work closely with families and educators to evaluate learning disorders, behavior problems, intelligence and achievement, and other issues impacting academic performance.

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The Forensic Psychologist Podcast

Listen to our twice-monthly podcast hosted by Dr. Nicole Vienna on the niche practice area of forensic psychology. Episodes will delve into the legal system, case law, specialized forensic mental health assessments, psychological concepts, and even some true crime. The podcast episodes will also include special guest expert interviews.

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Notable Clients

  • The Law Offices of Meghan Blanco
  • The Law Offices of David Haas
  • The Law Offices of Melissa Fair
  • McLane, Bednarski & Litt LLP
  • Children’s Law Center of California
  • The Law Offices of Sarah Javaheri
  • The Los Angeles County Public Defender Office
  • The Los Angeles County District Attorney Office
  • Los Angeles County Superior Court
  • Juvenile Justice Clinic (Loyola Law School)
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Recent Case Study

“Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Mental Health Diversion Case”

PTSD is a mental disorder that is triggered by a terrifying event(s)— either experiencing, witnessing it, or learned about it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares, avoidance of certain situations, and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event.

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