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Our Services

Our practice specializes in forensic, police and public safety, and neuropsychological evaluations for youth 12 and up and adults.

Forensic Evaluations

Our forensic psychologists serve as expert witnesses and consultants for a variety of legal decision-makers. At Vienna Psychological Group, we conduct forensic psychological evaluations in criminal and civil litigation cases as well as in administrative legal matters. We perform extensive record reviews, obtain collateral information and interviews, and utilize standardized psychological instruments to answer psycho-legal questions. We then integrate the findings into an articulate, objective, and relevancy-based report. We provide a forensic opinion to inform legal arguments and judicial decision-making but do not impede upon answering the ultimate legal question. In addition, we provide consultation to legal decision-makers regarding case strategy, expert witness preparation, review of other expert work, and development of cross-examination questions.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Our neuropsychological evaluations can help assess how an individual’s brain functions, which yields valuable information about the structural and functional integrity of the brain. In other words, our assessments can assess how an injury or medical problem impacts an individual’s emotional adjustment and overall quality of life. Our neuropsychological evaluations assess a variety of cognitive domains, such as intelligence, academic skills, executive functioning, memory, attention, language, sensorimotor functions, and motivation, to name a few. We provide a clinical opinion about diagnostic clarification, analysis of cognitive strengths and weaknesses, and treatment recommendations to improve your overall well-being.

Police and Public Safety Evaluations

Our forensic psychologists have nearly 20 years of experience working professionally with public safety agencies. Our practice has contracts with various police and public safety agencies in Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside Counties to assist with the agency’s pre-employment psychological suitability evaluations and fitness for duty evaluations. In addition, we provide second-opinion or “appeal” evaluations for applicants who received a “not psychologically suitable” for hire determination by the public safety agency’s psychologist. These evaluations are considered forensic evaluations as they involve integrating matters of law and psychological questions.