Here you will find case studies on how a forensic psychologist can assist in legal cases. Due to confidentiality and privacy concerns, we are unable to discuss cases in detail. We have changed circumstances, names, and other details to make the case studies into a hypothetical sense.

Our team gives an educational perspective on the types of cases our practice has worked on and how and why the forensic evaluation was useful.


PTSD vs. Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) in a Juvenile Delinquency Disposition Case

PTSD requires one to have been exposed to death, threatened death, actual or threatened serious injury, or sexual violence.

This can occur through direct exposure, witnessing the trauma, or learning that a relative or close friend was exposed to trauma, indirect exposure to aversive details of the trauma, usually in the course of professional duties (e.g., first responders, etc.)

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Delusional Disorder in a Competency to Stand Trial Case

Delusional Disorders are not common. The DSM-5 indicates that the prevalence of delusional disorder in the United States is estimated to be around 0.02%

The DSM states that a Delusional Disorder consists of the presence of one or more delusions for one month or longer in a person who, except for the delusions and their behavioral ramifications, does not appear odd and is not functionally impaired. Further, prominent hallucinations and other psychotic or marked mood symptoms are absent.

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Parenting & Attachment Theory in Juvenile Trauma Cases

The job of a parent cannot be underestimated. Parents and Caregivers play an integral role in child development.

Attachment Theory explains how the parent-child relationship emerges and influences subsequent development.

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ADHD as a Mitigating Factor

A neuropsychological evaluation is an assessment of the brain’s strengths and weaknesses. We evaluate adolescents and adults.

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In Utero Exposure to Substances- A Juvenile Case

Environmental toxicants such as drugs or alcohol significantly impact fetal development. The number of deficits will depend on many factors.

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Autism & Competency to Stand Trial

Autism is considered a developmental disorder because symptoms and deficits begin in the early years of life. Autism impacts communication and socialization to various degrees.

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