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Our Services

At Vienna Psychological Group, we specialize in neuropsychological and forensic evaluations across the lifespan. We provide you with timely expert evaluation reports that aid you and your treatment providers in diagnostic clarification and treatment planning or help educate the court on mental health matters.

Forensic Evaluations

Dr. Vienna serves as an expert witness for attorneys across a variety of legal settings. At Vienna Psychological Group, we conduct forensic mental health evaluations in criminal, civil, and administrative legal matters. We perform comprehensive record reviews, obtain collateral information and interviews, and utilize objective psychological instruments to answer psycholegal questions. We then integrate the findings into a legally defensible report.

Neuropsychological Evaluations

Our neuropsychological evaluations can help assess how an individual’s brain functions, which can yield valuable information about the structural and functional integrity of the brain. In other words, our assessments can assess how an injury or medical problem impacts an individual’s emotional adjustment and overall quality of life. Our neuropsychological evaluations assess a variety of cognitive domains such as intelligence, memory, attention, language, sensorimotor functions, and motivation to name a few.

Independent Education Evaluation

Independent Education Evaluations (IEEs) are conducted by a psychologist that is NOT employed by your child’s school or school district. This type of psychoeducation testing assesses your child’s learning style, including their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Further, these evaluations explore the potential need for accommodations or services in an academic environment. They are often requested when the school is evaluating your child and deem that an external evaluation is needed for you, as a parent does not agree with the results of the school’s evaluation findings.