About Our Practicum Training Program

Practicum Trainees: This is a volunteer part-time position (approximately 20 hours per week) with a $500 stipend awarded in December and at the completion of the training program (the following August).

Postdoctoral Fellows: This is a part-time paid position (approximately 20 hours per week). The APA defines a postdoctoral fellowship as “a temporary period of mentored or supervised training to acquire skills necessary for your chosen career path.” A doctorate degree in psychology from an APA-accredited school and completion of an internship in an APA-accredited program is required. The postdoctoral fellow is expected to complete at least two cases per week and one research project that will be submitted for either professional publication or a conference presentation. In addition, the fellow will have the opportunity to attend professional organizational meetings (i.e., ATAP, Los Angeles County Bar Association, etc.).

The difference between our practicum trainees and fellows is the difficulty level of forensic cases assigned and the requirement of a research-focused project for the fellows. The trainees will complete four forensic assessments throughout the year, while the fellow will complete several more cases independently (licensed psychologists will still review and co-sign reports).

The Training Program

Our training program is focused on three specialized areas of practice: forensic, neuropsychological, and police and public safety. Trainees and post-doctoral fellows are provided with weekly individual supervision and forensic psychology-oriented didactic training. Supervision is conducted by Drs. Hendrix and Vienna, members of the Los Angeles County Adult Criminal, Juvenile Delinquency, and Juvenile Competency Panels of Experts.

Forensic Psychology: A specialized area of practice where clinical psychology is applied to the law. Our cases fall in the areas of criminal responsibility (sanity), competency to stand trial, violence risk, youthful offender evaluation (Miller/Franklin), and high-stakes sentencing.

Neuropsychology: A specialized area of practice where psychologists assess and evaluate how the brain systems affect behavior. In our practice, we may look at how brain injuries or brain disorders impact someone’s daily life or their behavior that involves a crime.

Police and Public Safety Psychology: A specialized area of practice that is concerned with assisting law enforcement and public safety entities in carrying out their missions of public safety but also assisting with the hiring and ongoing health of their employees. Our practice has several contracts with agencies throughout California to assist with pre-employment evaluations, fitness for duty evaluations, crisis debriefs, and organizational consultation.


Our office is located in San Dimas, CA. However, trainees and fellows have the opportunity to conduct work in various jails, prisons, state hospitals, and courthouses.

More Benefits!

In addition to gaining competency in forensic psychology, trainees and post-doc fellows will be provided use of the company’s Apple products. They will be issued a MacBook for the year. They will also have access to additional company Apple products such as iPads, mouse, stylus, etc., and the company’s Amazon account for other necessary supplies. Trainees will further be provided professional mentorship, development of a curriculum vitae, and other professional opportunities.