Overview: What Do Forensic Psychologists Do?

August 26, 2021

History Forensic psychology emerged as early as the 1950s and was historically described as “the role of psychology in the criminal justice system.” Forensic psychology has been a subfield in psychology for decades but was formally recognized as a specialty area by the American Psychological Association in 2001 (APA, 2001). Forensic psychological practice has expanded drastically since then. Psychologists have always been involved in almost......
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Are Criminal Psychologists The Same as Forensic Psychologists?

July 20, 2021

Criminal and forensic psychologists are similar in that both professions include the intersection of criminal justice and psychology. While there are many similarities between the fields of criminal and forensic psychology, there are also distinct differences in how each profession functions in the criminal justice system. Both professions require a doctorate in psychology, as well as specialized training in a clinical and/or research setting. Their......
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