Psychological Testing

We offer psychological testing & evaluations to help clarify complicated psychological problems and how to treat them. Our psychological testing can focus on emotional and cognitive problems as well as academic difficulties and occupational interests. Dr. Vienna is a member of the Los Angeles County Juvenile Delinquency Expert Panel and provides forensic evaluation and assessment of mental state for competence to stand trial, transfer to adult court, psychological needs, trauma, substance abuse, cognitive and educational testing, and dispositions. She has also been appointed as a 730/952 expert and provided evaluations and expert testimony in adult criminal courts (state and federal).

In addition, we also conduct pre-employment psychological evaluations. We have conducted these psychological evaluations for clergy/ seminary candidates and public safety job candidates (Police/Sheriff/Fire/Probation). Dr. Vienna is a POST (Peace Officer Standards and Training) qualified psychological evaluator for appeal purposes. Dr. Vienna has completed appeal evaluations for local city and county departments. Our staff are members of International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), International Public Safety Association (IPSA), and Society of Criminal & Police Psychology (SCPP).