Written by Dr. Nicole M. Vienna

March 3, 2019

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Practice Mindfulness

Often times in a busy world, people forget to smell the roses. Mindfulness is an important concept to practice in calming an overactive brain. Research has shown utilizing mindfulness techniques can decrease stress and improve an individuals’ emotional and physical well – being. Mindfulness is being truly present to one’s surroundings and being fully engaged. The key to practicing mindfulness is being mindful of your everyday interactions and staying present. By being in the here and now, you are allowing yourself to be accepting and forgiving. Mindfulness is allowing unsettling thoughts and emotions to pass without judgment or avoidance and not focusing on the past or future.

Mindfulness can be incorporated in your everyday life. Take time each day to pause from your daily schedule and take a deep breath and practice using your five senses in your environment. Stay present. Look around your current environment and describe what you see. What do you smell and hear? Another way to practice mindfulness is with food. Take small bites and let it savor in your mouth. What does it taste like? Another way of practicing mindfulness is being aware of your body. Notice how your body feels and tune in to your breathing. Take a deep breath and notice tension being released.

Mindfulness takes practice and patience. Using daily mantras can also be another resourceful way of using mindfulness. Daily mantras may keep you aligned and focused in the present moment as a reminder to remember your worth. One example of a powerful daily mantra is “You are enough”.  Let go of expectations and live in the present because the present moment is what is guaranteed. Mindfulness is an art- an art that takes practice, patience, and by being accepting and kind to yourself.

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