Written by Dr. Nicole M. Vienna

April 9, 2019

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Hello SpringSpring time is a great time to take a walk

By: Cheryl M. Becker, LMFT, ATR-BC


Consider a walk to clear your mind.  Walking is a great way to engage in self care.  There are also many healthy benefits to walking.

  • Walking can improve your mood: Regular walking modifies your nervous system to help decrease negative feelings. Walking with a friend can provide even more calming benefits from the added interaction.
  • Inspiration from Perspiration: You might not perspire but walking gets your creative juices flowing. Try a walk when you hit a block or feel stuck.  It might clear out those cobwebs.
  • Pump your “second heart”: walking strengthens your venous system that relies on muscles, veins and valves in your feel and legs. They work together to get blood pumping back to the heart.

If you are new to walking, be sure to start slowly to set yourself up for success. Walking even a block is better than nothing at all. If you have any health concerns, be sure to check with your Physician before starting a new exercise routine.

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